Toddler Dead After Circumcision Flop, Infant Brother Rushed To Surgery

Toddler Dead Following Circumcision Surgery Gone Wrong, Infant Brother Rushed To Emergency

TODDLER DEAD AFTER CIRCUMCISION – A two-year-old boy died following a catastrophic mistake during circumcision.

In Perth, Australia, medical staff rushed the boy and his infant brother to the E.R. after the botched medical procedure. According to an article from 7News, they were taken to the Armadale Hospital.

Unfortunately, the two-year-old was pronounced Dead on Arrival. Meanwhile, his little brother, who was reportedly only 7 months old, was rushed to Perth Children’s Hospital in Nedlands.

Toddler Dead After Circumcision Flop, Infant Brother Rushed To Surgery

Luckily, the infant who was placed in the hospital’s intensive care unit had since been released. Meanwhile, authorities confirmed that there were no suspicious incidents that led to the death of the boy.

As per the article, WA Police said:

It can be confirmed the boy underwent a medical procedure at a registered medical centre prior to his death

Currently, circumcision is banned in Australian public hospitals. But, it is allowed if it’s necessary for medical purposes. However, private hospitals can still do the surgery.

However, it is still unclear if the procedures on the boys were conducted by the same doctor. Furthermore, authorities are now questioning the qualifications of the one in charge of the operation.

Because of the incident, the Medical Board of Australia stated:

We are precluded from discussing individual cases except what is available publicly. This includes disclosing whether a practitioner is the subject of notification or is being investigated.

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