Andi Eigenmann Shares First-Ever International Trip w/ Family

Celebrity-vlogger mom Andi Eigenmann and her family flies to Bali, their first international trip.

ANDI EIGENMANN – Famous celebrity-vlogger mom Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo along with their children go to Indonesia.

The world is now slowly adjusting to the new normal with the pandemic. Things now are not as strict as before, but safety and health protocols must be followed, especially when traveling for business and pleasure.

And traveling for leisure to take time out from the activities they have been doing in the Philippines, couple Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo go to Indonesia. They travel with their kids; this is their family’s first international travel.

For Andi, this is something she has always been dreaming about. She believes “there is no better way to make cherishable memories than to travel the world with family”. Many things have delayed this trip like the pandemic and them getting sick.

But after some time, now that they are finally better and with the money they saved, they are now able to make it to Bali and they will be sharing their adventure in Bali soon through their YouTube channel.

Andi and her family are based in Davao. She used to live a glittery life as a celebrity in Manila but having been to Siargao, she found the peace she longed and that made her stay on that quiet island. Many people admired her bravery to drop her fame as an actress in exchange for a peaceful life in Siargao.

She now lives a simple and her simplicity captured the hearts of many people. She has two children with her fiance Philmar, a professional surfer. Ellie, her eldest and her daughter with Jake Ejercito, is also staying with her,


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