Most Wanted Person in Pampanga Dies After “Manlaban” During Arrest

Police Authorities Shoot Most Wanted Person in Pampanga After Resisting Arrest

A male suspect hailed as the top 1 most wanted person in Pampanga died after resisting arrest and fighting back against police officers.

Nowadays, the rate of criminality continues to increase not only in the Philippines but also in various regions all around the world. The government and the authorities are imposing stricter policies to reduce the increasing crime rate.

Unfortunately, the crime rate continues to increase due to poverty, which pushes criminals to engage in illegal activities to earn money.

Most Wanted Person

The police authorities launched an operation to arrest the alleged “Top 1 most wanted person” in Pampanga identified as alias “Derrick” in Barangay Pandan who is facing robbery-holdup charges.

According to the reports, Derrick was involved in robbery and holdup incidents at a convenience store and betting station in the province. The authorities raided the suspect’s place in Angeles City.

The operatives are serving an arrest warrant against the suspect when the culprit pulled out a gun and tried to shoot the police officers. The cops have no choice but to shoot the culprit to prevent casualties.

Unfortunately, the most wanted person passed away after suffering gunshots from the cops during the shootout. The authorities recovered a 9mm pistol, ammunition, and two sachets of suspected illegal drugs.

The suspect is also involved in several robbery-holdup incidents in nearby towns and province of Pampanga.

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Most Wanted Person

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