Manny Pacquiao Dares Bongbong Marcos Jr. To 1-On-1 Debate

Manny Pacquiao Challenges Bongbong Marcos Jr. To A One-On-One Debate

MANNY PACQUIAO – Senator Manny Pacquiao has challenged rival Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. in a one-on-one debate.

It is crucial for Filipinos to know the platforms, character, values, and stances of the candidates competing for the highest positions in the government. Debates and interviews are considered venues for the people to evaluate the candidates.

Presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos and his running mate Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte previously skipped the debates hosted by CNN Philippines in February. BBM also rejected an interview with Kapuso journalist Jessica Soho saying she’s ‘biased.’

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Neither of them also attended Commission on Election’s (COMELEC) PiliPinas Debates 2022 last March 19 and 20. BBM’s camp earlier said that they will continue with their style of campaigning which is directly communicating and engaging with the people.

Marcos said that he would rather stick with his mode of campaigning instead of attending debates saying their debate format is “problematic because the questions are just repeated and sometimes personal.”

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Based on a report from Inquirer, Presidential aspirant Manny Pacquiao challenged Bongbong Marcos in a one-on-one debate. He said that the former senator might be “embarrassed” to attend a debate attended by many people.

During his campaign activity in Cavite on Monday, the boxer-turned-politician told reporters that he was challenging BBM to a debate so people would know their platforms. He also said it would be better if COMELEC would organize their debate.

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According to the report, Manny Pacquiao wants to face Bongbong Marcos to find out if he has “better platforms” than him. Pacman’s main platforms are free housing, more job opportunities, and sources of income as well as boosting the economy.

The legendary boxer also said he’s not afraid to answer question in case he faces BBM because he’s ready. When asked what if BBM refuses his challenge, he said “Karapatan niya iyon. Pero ang taumbayan na ang magiisip noon kung bakit siya tatanggi at bakit hindi niya sabihin ang plataporma niya.”

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