Luis Manzano and Edu Manzano’s Heart-To-Heart Conversation

Here’s the heart-to-heart talk of Luis Manzano and Edu Manzano and the mixed reactions of the netizens to this.

LUIS MANZANO – Many people admired Luis Manzano and Edu Manzano’s father and son relationship evident in this new vlog.

In-demand Kapamilya host Luis Manzano is the only son of screemn veterans Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos. Although the two celebrities have separated several years after marrying, they were still able to maintain a good relationship for the sake of their son. They were co-parents and they have raised him well. Being Luis as one of the best in the field of hosting, they are now the proudest parents of their son.

And in the recent vlog of Luis, he had this heart-to-heart conversation with his father after having one with his mother. In the video, he asked him the questions he had never asked him yet, until that moment. In the vlog, as Edu walk down memory lane, shared some of the fondest memories he had with his son while he was growing up.

For the first question, he recalled the moment when Luis was just around 5 or 6 years old. He was accordingly talking to this person beside him when he noticed that the person seems bothered and not feeling well. The person admitted he felt like he’s going to throw up and Luis sitting parallel to him on the other side of the table quipped this on a serious note that made them laugh: “Please don’t.”

And right at that moment, Edu knew that his son really got something and really has this unique personality. He then shared the day he saw him for the first time. What has accordingly enveloped him is an overwhelming feeling because the baby he was looking at came from him. He was thinking of how he can raise him to become a good person.

Luis, for him, has never made anything that disappointed him. He’s proud of what he has become.

Watch the full vlog below:

And here are some of the comments:

They are the terrific father-son team that many, we, enjoy watching and listening; hindi nakakasawa, funny duo 😄

Ang ganda ng relationship ninyo as father and son.

Grabe di ko ine expect na maiiyak ako. Pero tawa pa din soon after. hahahah Sana soon VLOG with Ate V and Daddyow TOGETHER. 😍

Grabe ang sense of humour nyong mag-ama😀😀 nakakatuwa panoorin… Sana all ganyan ang mga ama😊

Luis is so sweet to his parents. It’s so evident that he was raised well kaya idol na idol talaga kita since I first saw you on TV nung bata bata ka pa.


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