Ivana Alawi Vlogs: Here Are Her 5 Most Viewed YouTube Vlogs

Here are some of the most viewed Ivana Alawi vlogs on Youtube.

IVANA ALAWI VLOGS – Top local vlogger Ivana Alawi has uploaded numerous videos already and here are the videos with the most number of views.

In a previous article, the actress turned vlogger Ivana Alawi topped the list of Top 10 content creators in the Philippines. Her channel has now more than 14.4 million subscribers since its creation in June 2018 and now has over 936 million combined views for all her YouTube content. As of this posting, she already has 122 videos and each of her vlogs has generated millions of views.


Other content creators tailing Ivana are:

  • Zeinab Harake
  • Alex Gonzaga
  • Toni Gonzaga
  • Donnalyn
  • Vice Ganda
  • Skusta Clee TV
  • Mika Salamanca
  • Hash Alawi 
  • Cong TV

Being the top vlogger in the country, here are her vlogs with the highest views:

  • Bahrain House Tour
    She uploaded this last February 28, 2020, and it now has over 18 million views. This showed their house in Bahrain owned by her late father. This is accordingly the house where she spent her childhood and the house she inherited from her Moroccan father, Samier AL-Alawi.
  • Ignoring Ivana Prank
    In the video, her family tried not to talk to her for a length of time and such a prank has made her cry. This video was shared to public last March 31, 2020, and as of today, it now has more than 18 million views.
  • Ivana Pranks Strangers Disguised As A Homeless Person
    This particular video has moved a lot of viewers. It was released in March 14, 2021, and 22 million viewers have gotten emotional because of this. She did not make fun of the strangers. She did some sort of a social expirement where she will be returning people the amount they gave her in a thousand fold.
  • Mona’s Boyfriend Prank
    This video showed how protective Ivana is to their youngest sibling. Testing her sister, Mona, through the vlog, showed how the actress would react about her having a boyfriend at a young age. It has an astounding 27 million views as of press time.
  • Ivana’s “A Day In My Life” Vlog
    This video has more than 29 million views. Ivana shared to her viewers what she normally does in a day. It was uploaded last October 2019 and she was trending back then because she did the laundry with her bare hands instead of using the washing machine.


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