Ivana Alawi Gives Expensive Jewelry to Her Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant Grateful After Receiving Expensive Jewelry from Ivana Alawi

The personal assistant of Ivana Alawi can’t hide her happiness after she received expensive jewelry from the leading female vlogger.

In Ivana Alawi’s most recent vlog, her personal assistant KC expresses her gratitude for the birthday surprises her boss prepared for her. According to the video, KC believed that there was no celebration for her birthday.

Ivana Alawi Assistant Jewelry

Ivana, on the other hand, did not forget her birthday; in fact, she coincided it with the birthday celebration of their sister Amira. Ivana presented KC and Ate Amira with gifts after their extravagant meal at Hotel Okura Manila.

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On her 23rd birthday, Ivana shocked KC by giving her diamond earrings as a gift. She explained that this was KC’s first diamond, and he expressed his gratitude to Ivana.

Ivana jokingly reminded her PA not to pawn it. Furthermore, this is KC’s first time receiving a bunch of flowers. Mama Alawi, on the other hand, had rubber shoes as a gift for KC that she was wearing that day.

Ivana’s vlogs have recently shown how much she loves and cares for her family. It’s the same narrative Ivana recounted about her sister Mona apparently murdering her. She stated that she was willing to go to any length and spend any amount of money in order to heal her sister’s illness.

Ivana’s challenge to her mother, in which she handed her a million pesos as a birthday gift, was also well received by the public. Ivana updated her family’s telephones with the latest iPhone, despite the fact that many believed it was merely a challenge.

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