Ivana Alawi Says She’s Not Ready To Date, Here’s Why

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Ivana Alawi Reveals Why She’s Not Ready To Date IVANA ALAWI – Youtube star and actress Ivana Alawi revealed the reason why she is not ready to date. One of the well-loved actresses and vloggers in the entertainment industry is Ivana Alawi. She first became known when she joined the reality show “StarStruck” on GMA-7. … Read more

Alawi Family’s Christmas Gifts & “Pasalubong” To Hash’s Girlfriend

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Check Out Alawi Family’s Christmas Gifts & “Pasalubong” To Hash Alawi’s Girlfriend ALAWI FAMILY – Hash Alawi’s girlfriend, Paula Martinez, shared a photo of the Christmas gifts and “pasalubong” she received from the Alawi family. Hash Alawi is the older brother of Youtube star and actress Ivana Alawi. In October last year, Hash introduced his … Read more

VIDEO: Ivana Alawi Travels To Japan W/ Siblings Hash, Mona

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Ivana Alawi & Her Siblings Hash, Mona Visited Japan IVANA ALAWI – Kapamilya actress and Youtuber Ivana Alawi traveled to Japan with her siblings Hash and Mona. Ivana Alawi rose to fame after she ventured into creating YouTube content. Even though she used to be an actor, she became more famous when she became a … Read more

Ivana Alawi Birthday Surprise For Brother Hash Earns Comments

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Always the generous sibling, Ivana Alawi gives her brother this birthday gift. IVANA ALAWI – Kapamilya actress Ivana Alawi is always a generous family member and here’s her birthday surprise for her brother Hash. When it comes to generosity, no one can sure argue with Ivana Alawi’s generosity. She’s not just generous to her family … Read more

Ivana Alawi Gives Mona A Gift That Shocked Her

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Mona was surprised after seeing this gift from sister Ivana Alawi. This is what she gave her! IVANA ALAWI – This is the present that Kapamilya actress Ivana Alawi prepared for Mona – something that surprised her. A few weeks from now, we will be celebrating Christmas and a little more push, it would be … Read more

Ivana Alawi, Mona Alawi Trends W/ TikTok Song Cover

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Ivana Alawi, Mona Alawi Goes Viral W/ New TikTok Song Cover IVANA ALAWI – The new TikTok song cover of Youtube sensation Ivana Alawi and her sister Mona Alawi went viral. Recently, former child star Mona Alawi delighted the netizens with her video on TikTok. In the video, she showcased her talent for singing and … Read more

VIDEO: Mona Alawi Amazes Netizens W/ Awesome Song Cover

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Netizens Impressed By The Live Singing Skills Of Mona Alawi MONA ALAWI – Lots of netizens were impressed by the live singing skills of former child star Mona Alawi. Mona Alawi is the younger sister of Kapamilya actress and Youtube star Ivana Alawi. She is known for her kalog personality, which is on full display … Read more