Go May Be Threat To With Potential To Pull Votes From Bongbong Marcos

BONG GO MAY BE A THREAT – Senator Christopher “Bong” Go may slowly chip away votes from former Senator Bongbong Marcos.

As the 2022 elections draw closer, the public is curiously waiting for updates from political developments. Among the biggest announcements was Sara Duterte-Carpio’s vice-presidential candidacy.

Following the news, Senator Go dropped his VP candidacy and opted to run for President versus Marcos. Now, with President Duterte backing Go, a political analyst forecasts Go becoming a threat to BBM.

Go May Be Threat To Marcos Says Analyst

According to Stratbase ADR Institute president Dindo Manhit, Go may cause BBM’s numbers to go down in future surveys. However, Marcos is still currently topping charts based on recent Social Weather Station (SWS) surveys.

During an interview with One News, Manhit explained:

Something noticeable there is that there is no Duterte name in the candidates for president and it seems that the votes went to Bongbong Marcos. But I consider that as soft support.

Furthermore, he emphasized that the current political climate is “not steady”. As such, there could be a possibility that the votes swing back to someone (Bong Go).

Meanwhile, Vice President Leni Robredo, another presidential candidate is in the 2nd spot with 18% compared to Marcos’ 47%. But, the most recent survey still had Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa as PDP-Laban’s Presidential Bet.

Through this development, Manhit said that Go can easily take away votes from Marcos as most of his supporters also come from Duterte. Additionally, the political analyst highlighted how Go could even attack BBM to further divide votes from core supporters.

“At the end of [the] day, when you look at Bongbong supporters, these are also pro-Duterte supporters through the years”, said Manhit.

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