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Bong Go

FB Page Accuse Bong Go of Removing Tattoo Before Exposure

Florin “Pilo” Hilbay Shows Bong Go How To Strip His Back

Unidentified Gunmen

2 Unidentified Gunmen Fire Bong Go & Francisco Domagoso’s Billboard

Kris Aquino Gave Permission To Phillip Salvador-Bong Go Comedy Skit?

Lolit Solis to Kris Aquino

Lolit Solis Gives Advice To Kris Aquino: “Go Back To Your Old Self”

Kris Aquino Closure Post

Kris Aquino Closure Post On Issue Involving Bong Go & Phillip Salvador

Kris Aquino on Philip and Rosanna

Kris Aquino Brings Up Philip Salvador’s Affair With This Daring Actress

Phillip Salvador Responds

Kris Aquino Live: Bong Go & Phillip Salvador’s Apology Lambasted Over “Naloko Joke”

Falcis Brothers Slam Kris Aquino’s Reaction To Bong Go’s “Naloko” Joke