Alex Gonzaga Shares Real Story Of Her Miscarriage, First Pregnancy Story

This is the real story of the first pregnancy of Alex Gonzaga as she told in a vlog.

ALEX GONZAGA – Famous actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga shares the real story of her first pregnancy bringing hope to other married couples like them.

Lolit Solis preempted the miscarriage story of Alex Gonzaga. The veteran talk show host revealed that she lost her first baby and this heartbreaking story will exclusively be shared in a vlog. Her husband Mikee Morada has seen the post and called out Lolit because it is not her story to tell. Mikee asked for respect because she doesn’t know the whole story of it.

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A previous article confirmed that she has indeed suffered a miscarriage but she and her husband remained hopeful. They expressed encouragement to other parents who have been through this same situation. She revealed that she suffered from a blighted ovum which means that the embryo did not develop in her sac. They waited for a miracle but it didn’t happen.

After the heartbreaking incident, her husband, in a post, remained positive. He has stronger faith and he fully knows that the right time will come to them and their ultimate desire will finally happen. And now, in the recent vlog of Alex, they shared the journey of her pregnancy.

Alex showed the clips when they first saw that she’s positive for pregnancy. She also shared the videos when she told her pregnancy to people close to her like Uncle Jojo, her sister Toni Gonzaga, her parents, and her personal assistant. The announcements all turned to emotional encounters. They also share clips of their checkups and the full process of it.

They went through a series of consultations but after several trips to the hospital, it has been found out that an embryo is not developing. She shared, “There was a gestational sac but there’s no embryo inside.”

The day they found out about this was the saddest day of her life. And as a wife, she also felt like she failed. She added, “Pag naaalala ko lang yung moment na sinabi na ng doctor sa akin na parang yun nga, hinimas niya yung legs ko, kaya alam ko na may something wrong kasi hinimas niya, e. And I know that Mikee is waiting outside. Doon lang ako sobrang nasa-sad kasi hindi lang ako yung may gusto, lalong lalo na si Mikee.”

All throughout her journey, her husband never left her. He was always there to console her and strengthen her. He also did his own research and he believes that it was not a failure – it was just all part of the process. Alex was emotional in her vlog as she narrates her story while expressing encouraging words.

“Sa lahat ng mommies, walang may kasalanan, if it’s meant that the Lord will bless you with a new life, it will happen,” she expressed.

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