Alex Gonzaga Speaks About “Tampuhan” After Miscarriage

Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada

This is the “tampuhan” that Alex Gonzaga revealed before and after her “pregnancy”. ALEX GONZAGA – Actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga speaks about her miscarriage and the “tampuhan” that happened. Fertility and baby talks have always been sensitive because although it is rarely talked about, many are struggling with certain problems like miscarriage and infertility. And among … Read more

Alex Gonzaga On How She Handled Foul Comment About Miscarriage

Alex Gonzaga

This is how Alex Gonzaga handled an offensive comment about the most difficult time of her marriage. ALEX GONZAGA – Celebrity vlogger Alex Gonzaga suffered a miscarriage last year but a netizen made fun of this heartbreaking event. Last October 2021, Alex Gonzaga confirmed she suffered from a miscarriage on her first baby with her … Read more

Alex Gonzaga & Mikee Morada Photo After Discovering Undeveloped Pregnancy

Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada

The photo Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada had after finding out heartbreaking news about their first pregnancy. ALEX GONZAGA – After sharing the heartbreaking result of their first pregnancy, Alex Gonzaga shared this photo with her husband Mikee Morada. Last November 2020, actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga married politician-businessman Mikee Morada. Their wedding was so intimate and … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Miscarriage, Candy and Rayver Comments Earn Reactions

Alex Gonzaga Miscarriage

Candy and Rayver congratulate Alex Gonzaga in miscarriage post but comedienne immediately takes back what she said. ALEX GONZAGA – Celebs Rayver Cruz and Candy Pangilinan have congratulatory messages for Alex Gonzaga and here are some reactions earned. In a previous article, Kapatid host Alex Gonzaga confirmed that she lost her first baby two months … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Husband Lambasted By Cristy Fermin Due To Lolit Solis

Alex Gonzaga

Because of the miscarriage stories that Lolit Solis spread, the husband of Alex Gonzaga suffer strong remarks from Cristy Fermin following the calling out comment. ALEX GONZAGA – Cristy Fermin lambasted Mikee Morada after he called out Lolit Solis for spreading miscarriage stories about his wife. In a previous article, Lolit Solis was the first … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Shares Statement Amid Miscarriage Rumors

Alex Gonzaga

Here’s a social media post that Alex Gonzaga has shared online following the rumors about her miscarriage. ALEX GONZAGA – Social media influencer-actress Alex Gonzaga shares this statement amid the miscarriage rumors about her that Lolit Solis wrote. Last November, Alex Gonzaga tied the knot with the politician and businessman Mikee Morada. Based on a previous article, … Read more