VIDEO: Aljur Abrenica’s Last Statement About Separation W/ Kylie Padilla

After His “Breaking Silence” Statement, Aljur Abrenica Says Kylie Padilla Was Love Of His Life

ALJUR ABRENICA – Several days after his scathing remarks, actor Aljur Abrenica said Kylie Padilla was the love of his life.

Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica tied the knot in 2018. In recent weeks, the actor became the target of criticism over his blooming romance with actress AJ Raval. In a previous article, AJ apologized to Kylie but denies being the third party to Kylie’s split with Aljur.

Several days after his controversial statement, the 31-year-old actor said he wants to put an end to the ongoing ruckus concerning his personal life as a respect to his ex-wife and their two kids.

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In a press conference of his newest film “Manipula,” Aljur Abrenica explained what made him break his silence. He said he’s “not proud” of what he did.

“The reason why na nagawa ko ’yun out of impulse. I felt like nasadsad na’ko. Lubog na ko. Nabugbog na’ko… It was not my intention na maglabas na ganong post pero naramdaman ko talaga na kailangan,” he said.

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Aljur Abrenica admitted that he had his shortcomings but that he truly loved Padilla when they were together. “I can still say na she was the love of my life. Talagang minahal ko ’yung babaeng ’yon. And I valued our family more than anything. So I was really affected nu’ng nangyari yon. And in respect, sana, di ba, pamilya ko pa rin sila. May pagkakamali din ako,” he said.

The hunk actor went on to say that despite their falling out, he is grateful for the times he spent with Kylie. He said, “She’s still the mother of our children. May pinagsamahan pa rin kami. I will never forget that. Nagpapasalamat ako.”

Watch the video below:

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