Kylie Padilla 6M Savings “Naubos” When Aljur Couldn’t Put Food On The Table?

Ogie Diaz shares the savings of Kylie Padilla got exhausted when Aljur Abrenica couldn’t provide for them.

KYLIE PADILLA – Showbiz reporter Ogie Diaz shares what his friend told him about Kylie Padilla and her Php 6 million savings.

Aljur Abrenica broke his silence in a controversial post where he dared his wife Kylie Padilla to speak the truth. This is his first time to speak about their separation because of the continuous attacks on him online that got more intense after it has been found out that he is dating young actress AJ Raval.

He dared his wife to reveal who cheated first and who ruined their family. Cristy Fermin backed him up and the veteran television host dropped some revelations regarding the rumors about the separation of the married couple. What the actor did came as a big shock to many people because Kylie, even from the start, has always been silent and mum about the controversy. She even wished for his happiness and did not violently react when sweet photos with his rumored new girlfriend surfaced online.

Following the post of Aljur, a cousin of Kylie who seemingly knows something lashed out at Aljur and made several revelations about him. The cousin, point by point, clarified several issues. She called out Aljur to have some decency and revealed how irresponsible he was as a father and a cheater of a husband to Kylie with his multiple affairs.

The cousin stressed that Kylie never cheated as he was the one who did it and was not responsible in the part where he went public despite Kylie maintaining her silence about their issues. One point also stated, “You still owe her a lot of money which she never took against you.”

And in the recent vlog of Ogie Diaz, someone told him about Kylie’s financial status. Accordingly, she has exhausted her savings for their family because Aljur cannot provide for them. Being partners through the thick and thin, Kylie used up her money for their family when Aljur could not do it for them.

Accordingly, she has exhausted her six million pesos “dahil kinakapos sila ni Aljur kaya siya na lang ang bumu-bunot”.

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