The shocking revelations of the cousin of Kylie Padilla that made a loud buzz online.

KYLIE PADILLA – Princess Paulino, Kylie Padilla’s cousin, discussed the issues one by one and gave direct answers that caught social media attention.

Aljur Abrenica broke his silence but it seems like the cousin of Kylie Padilla has something stored for him to address the claims he had thrown against his estranged wife. In every separation, reasons like falling out of love, joining a third party, finances, and family are just some of the issues pinpointed to justify the end of the relationship. And in the publicized separation of Kylie and Aljur, only one party gets favored but the claims of Aljur stirred something.

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Aljur Abrenica Post
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In his post, he claimed that it was Kylie who cheated first and dared her also to reveal who she is with now. He also challenged her to speak the truth to the people and to her father action star Robin Padilla who only knows a one-sided story accordingly. Also, the false accusations continuously thrown against him triggered him to speak and broke what they have agreed to maintain their silence.

But now that it is out in the public, Princess Paulino, the cousin of Kylie who seemingly knows something, went out to the public with some shocking and heavy revelations about the actor. In her post, she addressed the claims point by point and in a very direct manner.

She called out Aljur to have some decency and for the first one, she stressed that Kylie never cheated even in times that he wasn’t able to “put food on the table”. Secondly, she pointed out how Kylie kept quiet about the money he owes and his cheating spree.

Kylie’s cousin also highlighted the fact that the actress never did once speak ill about him in the public despite all of his shortcomings as a husband and being irresponsible.

Check out the bulleted points of the actress’ cousin regarding the issue where she clarified and answered each of the controversies:

  • Kylie never cheated on you. Not even when you could not put food on the table.
  • You still owe her a lot of money which she never took against you.
  • You cheated on her multiple times and We All know that. Stop your lies.
  • It is not her fault why you have a lot of bashers. It was your choice to flaunt your new girlfriend in public, not hers.
  • Despite the truth that you were an irresponsible husband who broke Kylie’s heart many times, she NEVER went public to say anything against you.
  • When Tito Robin spoke about your cheating, Kylie did not know about it. She even felt bad.
Kylie Padilla Cousin


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