Aljur Abrenica Says Kylie Cheated First, Claims Robin’s Story Was “One-Sided”

Breaking his silence, Aljur Abrenica shared to the public that his wife was the one who cheated first.

ALJUR ABRENICA – In a public post, Aljur Abrenica finally breaks his silence and dares his wife Kylie Padilla to tell the truth to the people.

In every separation for famous personalities, it is always inevitable that one party gets the blame and the harsh comments and the other one receives the favor and the sympathies from the public. And in the separation of Aljur Abrenica and Kylie Padilla, the actor tends to receive bashing and rude comments. The bashing against him got even more intense when he and his new rumored partner AJ Raval revealed their real score to the public.

To recall, it was Kylie’s father, action star Robin Padilla who candidly confirmed their separation. It was accordingly Kylie who called it quits and his revelations implied that Aljur cheated. Kylie confirmed this and revealed that they are now just working a healthy co-parenting relationship for the sake of their two sons.

Kylie added that they also have an agreement when they separated and that is to let each other see and date other people. But just recently, out of the blue, Aljur made his “breaking silence” post and claimed that it wasn’t him who cheated first that caused their family to get ruined.

He dared his estranged wife, “Tell them who cheated first. Tell them who wrecked our family. Tell them why I gave up on you not on our family.”

Aljur challenged her to drop the truth because he believes that the people deserve to know the truth. He understands where their rude comments are coming from but they also have to know the truth. By doing such, he accordingly broke their “agreement” not to speak. He just cannot take the accusations against him anymore the reason he decided to speak up after keeping his silence after her father aired his “one-sided” story and amid the cryptic posts she shares online.

“Tell them who cheated first. Tell them who are you with right now. Have the courage to settle this. Tell your dad the truth. If not for them do it for our children. After so many years will you allow our children let them believe this story that you and dad left for me?” he wrote in his post.

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