Cuddlesome Goat Spotted Shopping Inside Mall in Cebu City

Netizens Expressed Admiration Towards Cuddlesome Goat Spotted Shopping Inside Mall in Cebu City

A cuddlesome goat goes viral after it has been spotted shopping inside a mall in Cebu City together with its master.

Nowadays, a lot of people loves to adopt various animals such as dog, cat, bird, fish and other species as their pets. Most pet owners love to adopt dogs and cats on their home because of their physical appearance.

There are some individuals who were taking care of unique or exotic pets. A citizen in Cebu has been spotted sporting his pet ‘goat’ inside a mall.

Recently, the Facebook page Sunstar Cebu has shared the photos of an adorable goat roaming inside at SM Seaside City Cebu. The post immediately spread like a wildfire online and garnered various reactions from the online community.

Cuddlesome Goat

In the photos, it can be seen that the goat wearing a green customized shirt together with its master were roaming inside the mall. The pet master did not put a leash on the goat and let it move freely unlike other pets.

Luckily, the animal seems to be obedient and well-disciplines for behaving properly inside the establishment. The goat could also ride an escalator without the assistance of its master.

The photos have been uploaded by a certain netizen named Philip Rodriguez and the video has been shared by Christopher Ramirez.

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Here is the full post:


A cuddlesome goat became an instant celebrity after it was seen ‘shopping’ inside a mall in Cebu City. Who wouldn’t want to hug this cute ol’ goat? Now we want one. ”

Cuddlesome Goat Cuddlesome Goat

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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