Kim Chiu On Criticisms Over Cheating Remarks, Says She’s Also A Victim

Here’s the statement of Kim Chiu regarding the clamor of people online about her cheating remarks.

KIM CHIU – Its Showtime host Kim Chiu addresses her bashers after she got lambasted online because of her remarks about infidelity.

Months ago, Kim Chiu received some lectures from Vice Ganda regarding cheating in a relationship. She shared her opinion about this sensitive topic saying that men’s weakness, at most, is “tamang harot” which the other host objected to. Vice believes otherwise. For him, cheating is not done alone by a person.

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He stressed that it takes two to tango. Your partner is at fault for cheating on you but the person he cheated on you with is also at fault for allowing the situation to happen. The third party must know who to have a relationship with and it should definitely not be with someone who is already married or committed.

In a previous article, Kim made headlines again because it was as if she is validating cheating just because the person is not happy with the relationship anymore. And once again, she got schooled by Vice Ganda about it. The superstar comedian said that there will be no valid reason or any acceptable reason for a person to cheat.

And in the recent episode in Its Showtime, she made an opportunity to clarify herself about the clamor of people following her remark about cheating. She said, “Noong isang araw, hindi ako nabigyan ng chance to explain further ‘yung sinabi ko.”

She furthered her clarification by saying that she is not in favor of cheating and will never be in favor of it. She stated, “Gusto ko lang sabihin sa lahat at linawin — hindi po ako pabor sa cheating. Never po ako talaga magiging pabor doon, dahil naging biktima din naman ako noon. It was not easy, and it was very painful.”

Watch the video below:

See some of the comments from the post:

She just needs to be careful with what she says. Compose yourself first and then talk. Hindi puro tawa.

Kawawa si Kim palaging basag. Ok lang yan kimmie. Wag pansinin mga haters.

Iba lang kasi pamamaraan nya ng pag papaliwanag kaya sya laging na mimis interpret

Yeah i do think na hnd sya in favor may iba lang talaga syang understanding and perception sa mga bagay bagay


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