Kim Chiu Shares Thoughts About Giving Second Chances

Kim Chiu

This is what Kim Chiu said about this matter. Kapamilya actress-host Kim Chiu was asked about giving second chances and this is her stand about this. Is it always worth it to give a second chance? Giving someone a second chance would depend on a lot of factors and one of the most important thing … Read more

It’s Showtime Issue: Kim Chui Makes This Statement

It's Showtime Issue

IT’S SHOWTIME ISSUE – MTRCB denies motions for reconsideration of ‘It’s Showtime’ and Kim Chiu has this statement. ABS-CBN and GMA have both filed Motions for Reconsideration (MR) on the suspension of the Kapamilya show. Both of these appeals were rejected by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB). Kim Chiu, one of the … Read more

Kim Chiu Epic Reaction While Interviewing “Gerald” On Showtime

Kim Chiu

Other hosts tease Kim Chiu as she interviewed “Gerald”. KIM CHIU – Kapamilya actress-host Kim Chiu meets “Gerald” on Its Showtime and this is her epic reaction. One of the biggest and most successful love teams of ABS-CBN was “KimErald”, the collective name of celebrities Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson. They also became a couple … Read more

Kim Chiu “Pamumuking” In Showtime Receives Comment

Kim Chiu

Netizens have these comments about the “pamumuking” of Kim Chiu on Its Showtime. KIM CHIU – Its Showtime host Kim Chiu makes some “pamumuking” about the Girl On Fire grand finals stage set-up. Kapamilya actress and host Kim Chiu is one of the regulars in the noontime show Its Showtime. She is among the newest breed … Read more

Vice Ganda Lectures Kim Chiu About Cheating Of Other Guys

Vice Ganda Kim Chiu

Kim Chiu shares her opinion about cheating but Vice Ganda has this contrasting view about it. VICE GANDA – This is the view of Vice Ganda about this contestant’s situation with her partner which is contrasting to Kim Chiu’s opinion. Cheating in any form is wrong and painful and being done by someone you treasure … Read more