Kim Chiu In Showtime, Xian Lim Reacts To Allegations and Controversy

With the buzz running around about Kim Chiu in Showtime, Xian has these intriguing posts.

KIM CHIU – Speculations arise about Kim Chiu leaving Its Showtime soon and Xian Lim has these posts for his long-time girlfriend.

In a couple of previous episodes from Its Showtime, actress Kim Chiu, who is also one of the hosts, was noticeably weak and silent. In the program, she used to be that someone who always has the loud personality and the high previously, but in the recent episodes, she was unusually silent. Is there something going on? Is this a sign that she’s leaving the show soon?

Kim Chiu
Photo grabbed on Twitter

People online noticed and got sad about the part where she was given little to no exposure. She was just at the side with no microphone, laughing at the other hosts’ banters while holding her hands. Her supporters also noticed that she looked a bit sad although she’s laughing and smiling.

In one of her stories, she shared that she’s a Taurus and it said there that Taurus people are “often taken for granted due to their very kind and sensible nature”. Reposting this is her longtime boyfriend who also wrote something to lift her spirit and brighten her gloomy vibe.

Xian shared this statement with her from Beyonce Knowles: “Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone to tell you who you are.”

He added that she shouldn’t let other people dim her light because self-worth is something people all have. He assured her that she is loved by a lot of people including him.

Xian Lim, Kim Chiu
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