Alex Gonzaga Pranks Loren Legarda, Former Senator Has Epic Reaction

Here’s how Loren Legarda reacted to the prank of Alex Gonzaga as seen in the latter’s latest vlog.

ALEX GONZAGA – This is how former senator Loren Legarda has reacted to the prank pulled by Alex Gonzaga while they were on her farm.

A famous actress and also one of the most-followed vloggers in the country is Alex Gonzaga. Her channel’s videos entertain a lot of people and her vlogs are always of good vibes. Her contents range from doing challenges, her random days, life updates, her work, and her family. She is loved and admired more by the people as a vlogger because of her bubbly personality. She can make anyone laugh.

SEE: Alex View On Making Prank Videos For The Vlog

But just recently, she started doing prank videos. Among those who fell victim to her pranks included her husband Mikee Morada, her parents Mommy Pinty and Daddy Bonoy, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, Camille of JaMill, her Uncle Jojo, her sister Toni Gonzaga, and many more. And her latest victim is former senator Loren Legarda, one of the most respected personalities in the country.

In her vlog, Legarda is supposed to tour her around her farm. However, playful as ever, Alex thought of pulling a prank. She had someone apply fake hives on one of her legs and act as if she has touched something while going around the bushes the reason why she had the “allergic reaction”.

All is fine until she started it. Building up her prank, she started scratching the “affected legs” lightly until she pulled up her loose pants. Shocked but still unrattled, the female senator immediately got worried about her situation. She never left her and assured her all the time that she will be alright.

The senator never left her alone and called everyone that may be of help in the situation. She even called her dermatologist to see Alex’s condition who was just crying in the corner to heighten up the tension. She saw the dermatologist through a video call and was given a cream to ease up the itching. All throughout, the senator was just calm but doing everything for her.

And after Alex called that it was just a prank on her, she has this epic reaction and purely in disbelief because she was made to believe something that is not true. She jested, “She’s something else kaya pala laging nagagalit ang nanay nito sa kanya.”

Watch the prank below:

And here are some of the reactions of the netizens:

“I felt so responsible for her” that hits different. Loren is a good person

“She’s scared. I’d be scared also” hehe. Ang bait at ang galing ni Sen. Loren Legarda. Nakakatuwa panuorin. Haha. 😂

when miss Loren started to call the doctor, ako yung gusto nang kainin ng lupa s Kahihiyan 😆😆😆😆😆😆

Alex is so brave doing this prank with Maam Loren.Akala ko talaga papagalitan si Alex.


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