Alex Gonzaga Pranks Mayor Isko Moreno, Here’s What She Did To Him

Yorme Isko pranked by Alex Gonzaga and this is what happened.

ALEX GONZAGA – In the second vlog of Alex Gonzaga with Mayor Isko Moreno, she did this as a prank and this is how Yorme reacted.

Francisco Moreno Domagoso or Mayor Isko Moreno is currently among the politicians admired by many people because of his genuine care towards his people. He is encouraged to run for a higher position to give help broader platform to help more people. He affirmed that he is running in the next election but for now, he’s putting his focus on the current problems.

And just recently, appearing again in the vlog of Alex Gonzaga, he went through something that once again made him earn the respect of many people. To recall, Mayor Isko’s first appearance in the channel of Gonzaga, he toured her around Manila. As of posting, their video now has over 12 million views.

Now, in the newest one, Alex pranked him for a change. They went into a museum and to execute her plan well, she first ate street foods with him. During their tour inside the establishment, she excused herself many times to go to the comfort room to release. That’s her prank, to show to Yorme her unfortunate situation and see what he will do about it.

However, being the “Batang Tondo” that he is, it seems like Yorme doesn’t mind and remained unbothered at all. Every time Alex would go to the comfort room, he would just say “tinamaan siya” and quipped that such an incident is just a normal thing. He even guessed that she might be pregnant.

Desperately, Alex poured the thing she brought on her pants and socks to make it more realistic that she wasn’t able to stop it from coming out. Instead of running away, Yorme stayed with her and handed her tissues to wipe the thing off.

Watch the video:

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it’s the “IGIT” for me HAHAHAHA

I love how yorme always tell alex “No It’s okay, don’t worry” paulit ulit siyang ganon huhu grabe ang bait tas haba ng pasensyaaa 💗

Parang ako Yung nahihiya sa pinag gagawa ni Alex HAHAHA 🤣😂

I love how Yorme’s not disgusted of anything.


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