Alex Gonzaga View On Making Prank Videos For The Vlog

How does Alex Gonzaga plan her pranks for her video blog?

ALEX GONZAGA – With the numerous prank videos Alex Gonzaga has already done, this is how she does it and what she feels doing it.

Among the most-followed and a pilot when it comes to celebrities turning into vlogging for YouTube is Kapatid host Alex Gonzaga. She now has over 10 million subscribers and vlogging is something she considered as an answered prayer. She went through a phase where she didn’t know what to do or how to what she wants but vlogging happened for her and it became her channel to showcase her real life and real self.

Slowly, celebrities also turned to vlogging like to showcase their life behind the camera and also find something they can generate an extra income from aside from acting and their career in show business. Aside from the lifestyle and travel vlogs of Alex, what would often entertain her viewers are her prank videos where raw reactions of the people around are get caught by her lenses.

One of her famous prank videos is pranking her parents that she’s pregnant right after she got engaged. Also, Herlene Budol a.k.a Hipon Girl also fell victim when they bought designer items and let her pay for the remaining amount where the huge amount has made her cry. In this video, it was really just her gift for Hipon and the prank is to give her video some fun and thrill.

As per the actress-vlogger, executing her plan to prank people is never easy as it may look in her videos. Based on PEP, she’s actually feeling anxious and nervous all the time. She’s conscious about pulling the prank off successfully because doesn’t want to flop the reaction she would get.

Alex shared, “Kasi gusto mong ma-pull off nang sobrang ganda para… Kasi ang hirap i-fake, e, ang hirap ng double take or ng second take pa or whatever. Hindi mo na makukuha iyong raw reaction so kinakabahan talaga ako.”

Most of the time, she plans with her team but there was one time she did it spontaneously with her Uncle Jojo. It was in the video where she and her husband now Mikee Morada did a seafood mukbang and fought in front of her uncle. Their fight made him cry as well.


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