Toni Gonzaga On “Greatest Lesson” Bongbong Marcos Learned From His Father

This is the greatest lesson Bongbong Marcos has learned from his father. Toni Gonzaga interviews politician.

TONI GONZAGA – Politician Bongbong Marcos opens up about the greatest lesson his father and mother have imparted into him.

The longest-lasting president of the country and marked history with his dictatorship is Ferdinand Marcos. He ruled the Philippines for over two decades. For over a decade, the country experienced a period of one-man rule. And in 1986, he was ousted from the position. Cory Aquino replaced him as the president, the first female president, with Salvador H. Laurel as the vice president.

Ferdinand Marcos, Imelda Marcos
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And just recently, recalling the dark times the country suffered under his leadership, many people did not quite like the interview of Toni Gonzaga with Bongbong Marcos, his son. He talked so well about his father and the interview, particularly the title of the vlog was not well-digested by some viewers. In a previous article, many people online who have already seen the video said that the interview was seemingly used to alter what has happened.

In Toni Talks, Bongbong answered this: The Greatest Lesson Bongbong Marcos Learned From His Father.

Toni Gonzaga

From being the disciplinarian, what he learned from his father is working hard. He would accordingly tell him many times that hard work is rewarded. He even shared that as long as he sees them working hard and studying hard, he will be fine. Growing up, they are trained and exposed by their parents.

They have met a lot of people, went to different places, and have gone face to face to some icons. But from their father, what he would always inculcate to them is to work hard. There was even one time, during one of his meetings with his cabinet members, while sitting behind him and listening to the whole context of the meeting, he suddenly turned to him and would ask him about what he thinks of a certain matter.

He know exactly, at that moment, that his father wasn’t asking to know the answer. He was asking him to know if he already knows the answer. He believes that he already knows what to do the moment he started that meeting but asked him still to determine if he knows and to test him.

From his mother, Imelda Marcos, what he has learned from her is her love for music and arts.

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