Is Bongbong Marcos Running For President?

BONGBONG MARCOS – For several months, Bongbong Marcos has been out of media coverage, but, as 2022 creeps closer, will he be running for President?

Previously, supporters of President Duterte also had strong support for Marcos. As such, many were calling for a “Duterte-Marcos” tandem.

Furthermore, many were considering a Marcos President and Duterte Vice President combo. However, the recent events with Duterte’s party list pushed Senator Bong Go running as President and Duterte as VP.

Additionally, Duterte himself said that he would run for VP. So, where does that place Marcos? If he would run for VP, that means he could potentially go head to head with Duterte.

Bongbong Marcos Running For President? Here's His Official Statement

Along with this, Duterte said Imee Marcos went to her daughter Sara Duterte in Davao in hopes of running as VP herself if Sara would run for President. Meanwhile, when it comes to the presidency, Marcos said that he is considering it.

During an online forum organized by the Anvil Business Club, Marcos said:

I feel that at least it’s a possibility. It’s certainly part of the plan. The presidency is not taken off the table by any means

In fact, if you look at the surveys, I do better in the presidential survey than the vice presidential survey. So that’s a common sentiment — that many of our supporters want me to run for the presidency

Moreover, Marcos said there were several parties that were willing to back him up if he decides to push for the precedency. “It seems there are people who will help us and support us. These are the elements you have to determine in order to decide“, he added.

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  • Rolando Macaoay September 3, 2021, 10:50 am

    Gun for the presidency BBM. It’s high time for you to do so

  • Rolando Macaoay September 3, 2021, 10:50 am

    Gun for the presidency BBM. It’s high time for you to do so

  • robert dolormente September 3, 2021, 8:00 pm

    yes…bongbong marcos go for president…

  • Kidlat September 4, 2021, 8:14 pm

    Let us try the cadet do not lie, cheat, steal nor tolerate uS, those Who do so..
    Go ahead chairman

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