Mariel Padilla Admits Jealous Of Kris Aquino Due To This Reason

This is what happened before that made Mariel Padilla jealous of Kris Aquino.

MARIEL PADILLA – Famous personality Mariel Padilla speaks about this part when she got jealous of Kris Aquino after she did this with Robin Padilla.

Decades ago, Kris Aquino and Robin Padilla shared love but it was at the wrong time. The “Bad Boy of Philippine Movies” revealed before that the youngest of the Aquino caught his attention the first time he saw her. He was just a rising star then when they finally got to know each other and their relationship was controversial because of their statuses in life.

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He was the poor boy and she was the rich girl and rumors before said that her late mother Cory Aquino does not want him for her. Her family was against their relationship but she fought for their love. For one, his addiction to illegal substances was partly to blame for why they have ended up parting ways.

They’ve had separate lives. Robin is now married to Mariel Padilla while Kris is happily in love with her newfound love. But to recall, way back in 2013, an issue surfaced about Mariel getting angry and jealous of Kris because of the action star. The couple fought because of his love scenes with Kris in the “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw” series. He has to woo his wife then by making an appearance in her television show.

And in Mariel’s latest vlog, she easily talked about this part of their relationship. Mariel admitted her fault when she got carried away by what was the people were saying on Twitter. Her emotions heightened fueled by the videos and photos of the intimate scenes of her husband with his ex-girlfriend. There were those scenes taken in a bathtub and jacuzzi which really annoyed her at that time.

“So kahit hindi naman ako nagseselos kay Ate Kris dahil si Ate Kris yun, dun sa scene na yun, maiinis ka. Nagpabuyo ako dun sa mga tao and I learned from that,” says Mariel.

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