Mariel Padilla Answers Top Google Searches About Her

Mariel Padilla

These are the answers of Mariel Padilla to these Google questions about her and her family. MARIEL PADILLA – Host-turned-live seller Mariel Padilla opens up about her life as she answered these questions about her in Google. If there’s anything people curious about celebrities, it would have to be their personal life. This includes their … Read more

Mariel Padilla Showcases Her Fendi Peekaboo Collection

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Mariel Padilla is simply a Fendi Peekaboo fan Celebrity vlogger Mariel Padilla, who is now one of the celebrity online sellers, showcased her Fendi Peekaboo bag collection for her recent YouTube vlog. Mariel has been showing her collection of luxury items in her closet through her online selling sessions. Aside from her food business, live … Read more

Mariel Padilla On Being Married To Robin Padilla For 11 Years

Mariel Padilla Robin Padilla

Does Robin Padilla still make Mariel Padilla happy after 11 years of being married? MARIEL PADILLA – After 11 years of being married with two daughters, Mariel Padilla shares her feelings about it with Robin Padilla. 11 years ago, Robin Padilla married Mariel Padilla in the Taj Mahal, fulfilling a promise to himself and proving … Read more

Mariel Padilla Shares Gifts She Gave To Robin Through The Years

Mariel Padilla

Here are the gifts and presents Mariel Padilla has given her husband Robin Padilla. MARIEL PADILLA – Famous host Mariel Padilla shared the gifts she has given her husband Robin Padilla throughout the years. In a previous article, Mariel Padilla shared some of the presents she received from her husband action star Robin Padilla. She … Read more