Maris Racal Relationship w/ Rico Blanco Started Before The Pandemic

Singer Maris Racal shares how her relationship with Rico Blanco has started.

MARIS RACAL – Kapamilya singer and actress, Maris Racal opens up about her relationship with Rico Blanco and when it has started.

Love surely must not be defined by how old two people in a relationship are. Love must be effortless. It must be unconditional. And if there are certain standards you consider to accept a person, it is possibly not loving at all. You might just be loving the idea of love with that person who has all the traits you want in a partner. And it is love indeed for Maris Racal and OPM icon Rico Blanco.

They have quite a huge age difference but it never bothered them. It never became a hindrance for them to love each other and they seemed to have learned how they would face the criticisms when they finally became open about their relationship. They have expected for the worse and never expected the warm reactions of many people about them being together.

In a previous article, Maris added that among the people that matter to her is her mother. And when she finally told her about him, she was surprised by her mother’s reaction, “Surprisingly naintindihan niya. Inakala ko maraming magagalit pero kabaligtaran ang nangyari.”

Blanco is older than her by 25 years. And just recently, during her guesting in Magandang Buhay, she opened up about their relationship and admitted that it has started even before the pandemic happened. She was asked what it felt like starting a relationship amid the pandemic but refused to answer because she doesn’t know. It turned out they were on even before all of these have happened.

She added that it was hard maintaining a relationship during the pandemic. She also confessed to being afraid before. She’s afraid of what would people think about their relationship and feels pressured at the same time. She said, “Strange kasi yung relationship namin because of the age gap. It’s like the big elephant in the room.”

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