Alleged ‘Nangungutang’ Suspect Stabs Transwoman Inside Her Own Salon

Guiguinto, Bulacan – A transwoman reportedly passed away after stabbed by alleged ‘nangungutang’ suspect inside her salon.

Nowadays, murder has been one of the most common types of crimes not only in the Philippines but also in various regions all across the globe. It also causes fear and trauma among some individuals.

The Philippine government and authorities have been imposing stricter rules and regulations but the rate of criminality continues to increase despite those efforts. The public had been advised to take precautionary measures and be vigilant when traveling outside their home.


Last Tuesday (August 3, 2021), the police authorities rushed to a salon owned by a transgender woman named Cindy Jones Torres after someone asked for help. The informant reported that there’s a commotion happening inside the establishment.

The cops destroyed the door, which was locked during that time and got shocked after seeing Cindy’s lifeless body filled with stab wounds. The gruesome crime happened Barangay Tabe in Bulacan.

The police officers were able to arrest the suspect who eventually admitted the crime. The suspect explained that the victim allegedly tried to abuse him but Torres family denied the accusations against the latter.

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According to the police investigation, the suspect is trying to borrow money from Cindy, which allegedly pushed the culprit to kill the victim. The suspect also refused to give a statement regarding the incident.

Meanwhile, different groups and organizations such as Pantay Pilipinas and Bulacan State University Bahaghari condemned the incident. Over 50 members of the LGBTQ community have already died due to hate crime since 2010.

The groups are urging the government to approve the anti-hate crime law. The suspect would face murder charges because of his crime.

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