President Duterte Receives “Failing Mark” From Teachers for Failure to Fulfill His Promises to Education Sector

President Rodrigo Duterte reportedly receives a failing mark from teachers for allegedly failing to fulfill his promises.

Last Tuesday (July 21, 2021), the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT) gave President Duterte for consistently poor performance to fulfill his promises to the education sector. They also criticized the current administration for its abandonment of education.

The teachers expressed their disappointment after President Duterte failed to double the public school teachers’ salary as he promised. The educators reiterated that the quality and access to education continues to suffer.


“We’ve had enough of incompetent leadership and total abandonment, especially at a time of severe and mounting crises. President Duterte must be kicked out,” ACT secretary general Raymond Basilio.

ACT conducted a survey last July 10 to 18, 2021 to public and private school employees. The survey results show that most education workers gave Mr. Duterte the lowest rating of “poor” in overall performance.

Over 1,080 individuals who belong to both teaching and nonteaching jobs in public and private schools and universities, vocational institutions and state colleges have participated on the survey.

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