Truth Behind Jomar Lovena, Sachzna Laparan & Jerome Ponce Issue Revealed

Jomar Lovena, Sachzna Laparan & Jerome Ponce Issue Finally Exposed

The truth behind the issue between Jomar Lovena, Sachzna Laparan and Jerome Ponce has been finally revealed.

Over the past few days, the photo of Jomar Lovena, Sachzna Laparan and Jerome Ponce immediately spread like a wildfire online due to alleged love triangle issue. Sachzna and Jerome earned various reactions from the netizens due to the issue.

In the photo, it can be seen that Miss Flawless is hugging Jerome while Jomar has been left alone smiling at the camera. The controversial photo earned criticisms from the online community.

Jomar Lovena

Earlier, Sachzna and Jerome confirmed that they were in a relationship. The Pinoy actor has been seen at Laparan’s vlog for several times. The netizens lambasted the female vlogger for allegedly rejecting Jomar for Jerome.

However, a screenshot of conversation wherein Jomar invited the celebrity couple to visit at the wake of his grandmother. The convo shows that team JoSa is in good terms despite the controversy.

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Jomar Lovena

Christine Laparan Policarpio, Sachzna’s mom even defended her daughter from the bashers and explained that Lovena invited the couple. She also urged the critics to stop making issue against her daughter.

Jomar Lovena

Jomar even commented to the photo and expressed his desire to have a collaboration with the couple.[0]=AZX-6rfgO80M7C7QPj-0pMGsNaqwK3L_WyJa5hNpmKfWG4kv27t-3fdLIIN78jG582qYN1GpheUyeSxD-Obo-PmxoVF9wmEonb4uHIvtAcUfhBgb7wytZveP2HlUMZh1igf-RgP8FyJOp-K8x1NA909J1NYeOMVikKQ1BW5jQa4pJw&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

The online community expressed their reactions to the controversy:

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