Jomar Lovena Finally Reacts To Sachzna Laparan Controversial Video

Jomar Lovena Reacts To Hate Comments on Sachzna Laparan Controversial Video

SACHZNA LAPARAN VIRAL VIDEO – The social media vlogger Jomar Lovena finally expressed his reaction to Sachzna Laparan’s controversial video.

Previously, the video footage of the public figure wearing a wardrobe filming her private body parts and her private moment spread like a wildfire on social media and garnered various reactions from the online community.

The netizens criticized the Frontrow endorser for her performing such a lascivious and malicious act despite being a female influencer. The video continues to spread on various social media platforms.

Jomar Lovena

Recently, the YouTube vlogger Jomar Lovena finally reacts to the hate comments regarding Sachzna Laparan’s scandal video. The vlogger’s statement garnered various reactions from the netizens.

Jomar Lovena

Lovena said that it was really heartbreaking to see Miss Flawless receiving a massive amount of criticisms from the social media users. He also expressed his disappointment towards netizens spreading the video.

Jomar Lovena

The vlogger also explained that it is alright for netizens to express their criticisms as freedom of expression but he asked the public to stop spreading the video.

Jomar Lovena

Watch the video for full details:

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