Ely Buendia on bashing after Eraserheads ‘We’re never friends’ Statement

The recent statement of Ely Buendia about Eraserheads became controversial

Singer-songwriter Ely Buendia made this statement in a recent podcast about his former Eraserheads bandmates “We were never close, we were never friends” and this is his reaction to those who bashed him because of this.

When the song “Minsan” was mentioned during the podcast program of Saab Magalona and Jim Bacarro, Ely corrected the misconception of many E-Heads fans that it was about his friendship with his bandmates.

ely buendia eraserheads
📷: Manila Bulletin

He clarified that he wrote the said song talking about his friends outside the band and those he spent time with when they were in Kalayaan. When Eraserheads disbanded in 2002 because Ely left after 13 years of making music together with his bandmates, many fans were brokenhearted.

Based on the article in PUHh, Ely is currently the guitarist and singer-songwriter of the band Apartel. Prior to this, he joined the bands The Mongols, Pupils, and Oktaves.

Following that statement of the singer-songwriter that became controversial, he apparently received “hate” comments. In his tweet regarding this matter, he said, “Big deal, still? Why hate on people who want to tell the truth? I didn’t ask to be interviewed, nanahimik na nga ko dito eh living a happy life kayo yung makulit about the eheads.”

He added that people should concentrate on the music that they made which most of the songs were written by him.

ely buendia tweet

In another tweet, Ely Buendia also said there were those who took his statement out of context and this led to prejudiced ideas that some people express. He also pointed out that his statement had no ill-intentions and that he was even gracious during the podcast interview.

What can you say about this?

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