Morissette Amon: Why Asia’s Phoenix was chosen to sing Regine’s ‘Shine’

Why the opportunity to sing ‘Shine’ for its 25th anniversary was given to Morissette Amon?

Asia’s Phoenix Morissette Amon was given the chance to record the song ‘Shine’ that was also recorded by Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez.

Just recently, Star Music released the official music video of ‘Shine’ that was directed by Amiel Kirby Balagtas and it is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the song.

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Based on the article in Bandera, it was composed by Trina Belamide and was first recorded by Ima Castro, and was sang by Sweet Plantado during the 1996 Metropop Song Festival.

In 2004, Regine revived the song for a TV advertisement (some of the lyrics were changed) and since that, the song has been associated with her. For the silver anniversary of the song, the composer collaborated with Star Music through Jonathan Manalo and music arranger Troy Laureta to create a new version.

Trina and Jonathan shared the reason behind why they chose Morissette Amon to interpret the new version. “Noong nag-uusap nga kami ni Trina when we were deciding kung sino ang best artist to interpret the 25th anniversary version, walang options. Kumbaga it should be Morissette,” Jonathan shared.

Trina added that since they want the new version to have an impact to overpower the misconceptions of the public regarding the lyrics of the song, they had to go to a singer who can do that effortlessly.

Jonathan had a point, sabi niya if you want to make an impact ano na lakihan mo na. Siyempre isang tao lang ang naisip namin, si Morissette na ‘yan,” the songwriter said.

The new soulful flavor of the song was deliberate, according to Jonathan. Morissette Amon also said to the people behind the song that she wants it to be unpredictable because people have known her for her “birit” songs.

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