Male Netizen Praises Delivery Rider For Helping Him in Times of Need

Delivery Rider Earns Praises Online For Helping Male Netizen in Times of Need

A male netizen praised a delivery rider for helping him in times of need without hesitation although he is tired from work.

A Facebook user named Jhego de Jesus has shared the photos of a kind-hearted Food Panda rider who helped him without hesitation. The photos garnered various reactions from the online community.

Jhego lauded the kind delivery rider named Adonis Maambong Agujar for helping him during the night that he needs assistance. The rider did not hesitate to help him although he is supposed to go home.

Delivery Rider

The guy expressed his gratefulness towards the rider for assisting him although the latter is tired and exhausted from his work over the entire day. He is hoping to pay the delivery worker’s kindness someday.

The netizen is also hoping that the delivery employee could help more people and said that he would never forget the kindness he has shown.

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Delivery Rider

Here is the full post:

“Grabe si Kuyang FoodPanda Adonis Maambong Agujar kuya maraming maraming salamat ikaw ang pinaka mabait na nakilala kosa mundong to sobrang grabe tuwa kosa sa sobrang dilim sa lugar nayun ikaw yung liwanag na dumating para tulungan ako walang dalawang isip sinamahan mopa ako kahit pauwi kana kahit pagod kana sa Maghapong Biyahe mo hinding hindi kita malilimutan kuyang FoodPanda makakabawi den ako sayo Soon kuya maraming maraming salamaat talaga Kuya kahit sana madami kapang matulungan po kuyaa solidd ka sana pag palain kapa ng Diyos ingaat Lage sa pag biyahe mosa Araw araw kuya Ride safee lagee”

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