Food Panda Rider Shows Kindness to Poor Boy Who Wants to Eat Pizza for First Time

Food Panda Rider Treats Poor Boy Who Who Pay Coins For His Order

A Food Panda rider has showed an act of kindness to a poor boy who wants to eat pizza for the first time but only had coins.

In Malaysia, a Food Panda rider named Faiz Rosman encountered a kid who ordered pizza from the delivery service app but only had coins to pay. The rider just took the coins and treat the kid with the pizza.

Uzair, Rosman’s friend has posted the act of kindness showed by the delivery rider on Twitter. The kind-hearted delivery employee earned praises and admiration from the online community because of his act.

Food Panda Rider

Rosman delivered the pizza to the house of the kid but received a plastic bag filled with coins. He doesn’t have time to count the coins but took the coins and continue to deliver the orders of his customers.

The rider message the kid after learning that the coins are not enough. The pizza is worth $7.02 but the cash is just $4.43. He asked the kid for the remaining balance and told him to ask his dad.

However, Rosman found out that the boy’s father doesn’t have an idea about the order and the kid just want to eat pizza for the first time.

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Food Panda Rider

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