Kris Bernal celebrated her 32nd birthday

Actress Kris Bernal shared her birthday realizations and she highlighted the lessons she learned about acceptance and contentment.

Through her social media posts, Kris shared her thoughts as she turned a year older. She thanked all the people who have accepted her for who and what she is.

kris bernal
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 “I’m beautifully broken, perfectly imperfect, and permanently and inevitably flawed,” the actress said. Those people who have accepted her embraced the real her behind what she is showing in front of the camera.

“That is a form of unconditional love. Thank you to all my fans who continually support and defend me,” Kris Bernal said. She also stressed that she can assure her fans that what she posts online is what she really is. “My life is far from perfect just like yours,” the actress added.

When it comes to contentment, Kris said that “being content is feeling fortunate.” She shared that the things that she has and the promise that the future will bring to her makes her happy. Because of this, she is not thinking about worrying the things that she does not have.

Kris also said that she is contended with how she celebrated her 32nd birthday even though it there was no fancy party, extravagant gifts and her family was incomplete.

“I’m still grateful because I felt loved by the important people that I have in my life. Your birthday wishes and greetings are enough gifts for me,” Kris Bernal said.

Prior to her “acceptance” and “contentment” posts, she shared her thought on “body positivity”. She admitted that she used to be affected by the negative comments she receives when it comes to her body and how she looks. However, the actress said that she has learned to embrace her flaws.

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