Marikina Quarantines COVID-Negative Individual If Family Is Infected

Marikina Quarantines COVID-Negative Individuals In Cases Of Family Infections

MARIKINA QUARANTINES COVID-NEGATIVE INDIVIDUALS – If an entire family tests positive for COVID-19, the entire household would be placed under lockdown.

However, in cases where one family member test negative while the rest do, the local government of Marikina said they would pull out the COVID-negative members and isolate them in a hotel or quarantine facility.

According to Marikina City Mayor Marcelino Teodoro, the move was made to protect the uninfected individual until their family’s quarantine is completed. Based on an article from Inquirer, Teodoro said:

“If not all, some are not positive, we take out the individuals with negative results out of the household and put them in a hotel or in a place where they could stay for a while until the quarantine of their members of the family will be completed

Marikina Quarantines COVID-Negative Individual If Family Is Infected
Image from: The Guardian

Furthermore, the mayor admitted to having a scarcity of spots in quarantine facilities. As such, they innovated and isolated the negative person instead away from their family.

That’s the reason we’re being shall we say, innovative, in our approach of taking the negative out of the household and putting them in another area because we don’t need to isolate them so we could put them in any house that will be available“, he said.

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