John Lloyd Cruz Talks About His New Film ‘Servando Magdamag’

John Lloyd Cruz in ‘Servando Magdamag’

A-list actor John Lloyd Cruz talked about his new film Servando Magdamag which is directed by award-winning filmmaker Lav Diaz.

The said movie is based on the novel by famed Ricky Lee. This project, which appeared to have set the return of Lloydie after taking a break for almost three years, has brought excitement to showbiz enthusiasts who are anticipating a new project from him.

john lloyd cruz
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Based on the article by Ricky Lo in Philstar, Lloydie does not think of this movie as a comeback vehicle after his hiatus. For him, it is just a “continuation of a dialogue between the filmmaker and his audience.” He is not thinking also that it is a sort of starting all over again.

He also said that he does not feel that he really left the entertainment industry. “I just had to discover a way to live a life that I already have,” he said as he was talking about his showbiz break.

Lloydie was also asked about his realization when he was away from the limelight. “I learned that there is a polite way to avoid casually thrown personal questions. Of course, always with respect,” the actor said.

John Lloyd Cruz also shared that the challenges that Servando Magdamag brought gave a new meaning to commitment and hard work to him. When asked about the preparation he did for his role, the A-list actor said that the “role has a mind of its own” and that he did not meddle.

John Lloyd Cruz

Meanwhile, Lloydie shared that he is indeed doing indeed a reunion project with Bea Alonzo. “I’m doing a couple of projects with Bea Alonzo next year. Slightly nervous but looking forward to it!” the A-list actor shared.

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