Inmate Dad Teaches His Daughter from Jail Thru “Online Dalaw” Program

Inmate Dad Uses E-dalaw Time to Teach His Daughter from Jail Thru “Online Dalaw” Program

The tear-jerking photos of an inmate dad teaching his young daughter from jail through “Online Dalaw” program gone viral online.

A Facebook user named Tristan Nodalo has shared the heartwarming photos of an inmate identified as “Tom” teaching his 5-year-old daughter from jail. The photos earned various reactions from the online community.

Tom is utilizing and maximizing his 5-minute time allowance to talk with his family in BJMP’s ‘online dalaw’. He is using the short amount of time given to him to teach his young daughter with academic lessons.

Inmate Dad

After the “Online Dalaw” program, Tom is creating visual aids and other materials to make learning for his daughter easier. San Juan City Jail Warden also provide some materials for Tom to help the learning of his daughter.

“Araw-araw gumagawa siya ng visual aid at nag-drawing para maturuan ang anak niya kahit nakakulong siya,” San Juan City Jail Warden JM Sabeniano said.

Inmate Dad

The police authorities gave him an additional two minutes to teach his daughter online. The cops also said that only Tom used his E-dalaw time to make it as online class for his child.

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Inmate Dad Inmate Dad

The inmate father has been arrested due to illegal drugs but he is showing his willingness to change for the better.

The online community lauded the inmate for his gesture:

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