Jay Sonza: NBI Confirms Ex-Reporter Is Detained Due To This Case

jay sonza

Jay Sonza was already transferred to the BJMP The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) confirmed that former news anchor/reporter Jay Sonza was detained due to this case against him. On Tuesday, August 15, the online community talked about Sonza who they say was in jail for an alleged illegal recruitment case. It was also said … Read more

Atty Topacio Praises Vhong Navarro’s Transfer to Taguig Jail

Atty Ferdinand Topacio Reacts to Vhong Navarro’s Transfer to Taguig City Jail ATTY FERDINAND TOPACIO – the former legal counsel of Deniece Cornejo praises the decision to transfer Vhong Navarro to Taguig City jail. Topacio reacts to Vhong Navarro being moved to the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP). Topacio said that the BJMP … Read more

Smuggled 7k Beers in Cans Confiscated Inside Bilibid Prison

7k Beers in Cans Attempted to be Smuggled Inside Bilibid Prison Seized More than 7k beers in cans were seized by the authorities inside the maximum security compound of New Bilibid Prison. Due to dishonest employees of the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) and the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, more than 7,500 cans of … Read more

BJMP Helps Desperate Mom Who Steals Colostomy Bags for Sick Child

Colostomy Bags

Desperate Mom Who Got Jailed for Stealing Colostomy Bags for Sick Child Receives Help from BJMP The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology helped a desperate mom who steals numerous colostomy bags for her sick child. Last month, the police authorities arrested a desperate woman for stealing P600 worth of colostomy bags from a popular … Read more

Ball Thrown in Davao City Jail Found Filled with Illegal Drugs Inside

Ball Found Filled with Illegal Drugs After Thrown in Davao City Jail Male Dorm Davao City jail police discovered plastic sachets of suspected illegal drugs filled inside a ball after it was allegedly thrown inside the jail. A basketball was tossed on the roof of the Davao City Jail’s male dormitory by the alleged illegal … Read more

2500 Prisoners Released Across The Philippines To Stop COVID – DOJ

Over 2500 Prisoners Released Across State Penitentiaries In The PH 2500 PRISONERS RELEASED – From January to November 2020, the Department of Justice (DOJ) said more than 2500 convicts were released across the country. This number included more than 1,200 prisoners who were exonerated for criminal offenses after initially found guilty. Meanwhile, of this number, … Read more

BJMP Allows Online Dalaw for Inmates During “Bisperas ng Pasko.”

Online Dalaw

Inmates Still Allowed by For Online Dalaw During “Bisperas ng Pasko” The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology BJMP would still allow the ‘online dalaw’ for inmates during “Bisperas ng Pasko.” On Thursday (December 24, 2020), BJMP spokesperson Jail Chief Insp. Xavier Solda said that e-dalaw or online visits would still continue in jail facilities … Read more

BJMP Reports 90% Recovery From COVID-19 Amongst Prisoners

BJMP Reports 90% Recovery Amongst Inmates Infected With Coronavirus BJMP REPORTS 90% RECOVERY – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, one of the major concerns authorities had was the virus penetrating the Philippine penitentiary system. Social Distancing has become one of the most advocated means of preventing the spread of the virus. However, this proved to be … Read more

Inmate Dad Teaches His Daughter from Jail Thru “Online Dalaw” Program

Inmate Dad

Inmate Dad Uses E-dalaw Time to Teach His Daughter from Jail Thru “Online Dalaw” Program The tear-jerking photos of an inmate dad teaching his young daughter from jail through “Online Dalaw” program gone viral online. A Facebook user named Tristan Nodalo has shared the heartwarming photos of an inmate identified as “Tom” teaching his 5-year-old … Read more