Vice Ganda, Ion Perez 2nd Anniversary, Here’s What Happened

This is what Vice Ganda and Ion Perez did for their anniversary.

VICE GANDA – Celebrity couple Ion Perez and Vice Ganda celebrated another milestone of their relationship and here’s what happened.

Freedom is a bliss indeed. To recall, Vice Ganda introduced Ion Perez as her partner in public after performing in Showtime’s 10th anniversary where her team came out as the champion. It earned both positive and negative comments but the couple chose to go for those that won’t hurt them.

Vice Ganda
Photo grabbed on YouTube

They faced criticisms, especially on Ion’s part being accused of only wanting to be with the comedian for his wealth. In his interviews, he would always clarify that Vice’s wealth is not something he is after to and what they have become now is out of his control. What mattered to them is the liberating feeling of finally being open to public where they can do anything they want without issues and judgments.

And to the non-believers of their relationship, they proved to them that their negativity didn’t matter and didn’t affected them. Last October 25, they celebrated their 2nd anniversary as a couple and chose to celebrate it in an amusement park with their friends.

Vice Ganda
Photo grabbed on YouTube

Since it is pandemic, they prioritized their safety first and it is only their group who were allowed to go inside the theme park. They tried the rides, had dinner on a ferris wheel, and at the end of the video, Vice surprised Ion with a poem she composed. Singer and song writer Moira Dela Torre helped her to turn it into a song and that was the highlight of their celebration. Ion was emotional.

Based on the video they posted on YouTube, here are some comments from the netizens:

This kind of relationship is what I want to experience. 💕

In this world full of chaos, at the end of the day LOVE would always be the key of everything.❤

I’m cryiiiiing😭 seeing ion cried is a proof that he really loves vice. So happy for the both of youuuu💙😩


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