2 Adorable Kids Ask Meralco Meter Reader to be Their Photographer

2 Adorable Kids Ask Meralco Employee to be Their Photographer

The cute photos of two adorable kids who asked a Meralco meter reader to be their photographer circulates on social media.

A Facebook user named Krizzel Gatmin has shared the photos of two little children who requested a Meralco meter reader to take them a picture. The post spread like a wildfire online and earns comments from the netizens.

In the photos, it can be seen that two little kids named Marco Polo and Saffrein were initially watching the Meralco employee while performing his job. The worker is taking pictures of meters on the post for the billing of consumers.

Adorable Kids

After a few moments, the two children approached the meter reader and asked him to take them a picture. The kids happily strike a pose in front of the camera after the kind worker grant their simple request.

The power company employee proves that showing simple gestures and acts of kindness could be a big thing towards others. He spare sometimes to make these young kids happy despite being busy.

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Adorable Kids Adorable Kids Adorable Kids

Here is the full post:

Nag papicture sa nag re reading sa meralco BWHAHAHHAHAHA CUTTEE
Saffreign x polo

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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