Viral Love Letter Of Dead Wife To Husband and Kids Makes Everyone Cry

This dead wife’s viral love letter to her husband which she made before leaving broke many hearts.

VIRAL LOVE LETTER – Many people get heartbroken as husband shared the last love letter his wife wrote for him and their kids before she passed away.

Dying is one inevitable incident no one gets spared. And a husband losing his wife is surely one of the most painful thing anyone could ever go through. Recently, making rounds online is this love letter of a wife she wrote before she passed away. A message she left to her husband and kids that broke lots of hearts.

Viral Love Letter
Photo lifted from FB

Nestor Flores Mangila Jr. shared on his Facebook that when his wife died, he wasn’t able to open a note on her phone for it required a password. And when he finally opened it, he found a letter from her she made before leaving them. Scrolling through the updates he shared on his Facebook, it seems like she died due to cancer.

“This is the saddest and most beautiful letter/note I’ve received from you. Ayaw tumigil ng luha ko nung mabasa ko ‘to. Akala ko hindi ko mauunlock, Nay! Maraming salamat din sa lahat, someday things will get better, magiging okay din ako — kami,” he said in a post which comes with screen shots of the letter his wife wrote.

Viral Love Letter
Photo lifted from FB

Accordingly, they were together for 15 years and he added, “Di man tayo umabot sa ‘until we’re grey and old’ sulit naman yung 15 years natin!”

In the letter, the wife expressed first that it was the saddest letter she ever wrote for him and she have never imagined before that she would do it but it eventually did happen. She must do it while she can. It was hard she said to think of leaving him this soon as he doesn’t deserve that kind of heartache.

They have had their share of hurting each other and causing heartbreaks overlapping one and the other. And she just couldn’t help but to ask God why it has to happen soon. She wrote, “I’m in between surrendering on His plan or questioning Him.. Alam kong mali, alam kong dapat walang doubt sa plans Niya but I don’t want to cause another heartache on you.”

She added that he needs to be strong because she made him stronger and that’s what he needs for their kids. And what comforts her about leaving them is knowing how good he is as a father to them. She assured to watch over them and will always be there with them all the way.

The letter furthered encouraging the husband to go on with life and to fulfill what they have planned. She might not be there physically but she will always be there with them. And lastly, she told him to find a partner for he needed one for himself and for the kids.

“I’ll be ok.. You’ll be ok.. the kids gonna be ok.. I’ll guard them if I can.. Go on with your life..”


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