Pump Attendant Spotted Taking Picture of Naughty ‘Motto’

Pump Attendant

Pump Attendant Goes Viral for Taking Picture of Naughty ‘Motto’ on Vehicle’s Window A pump attendant was seen taking a photo of a naughty message written on the window of a vehicle. A pump attendant, also known as a gas station attendant or petrol pump operator, is an individual employed at a gas station or … Read more

Toni Fowler Called “Isnabera” for Refusing Some Fans for Pictures

Some Fans of Toni Fowler Called Her “Isnabera” after Refusing to Give Pictures Social media personality Toni Fowler was called “isnabera” by some fans after allegedly refusing to give pictures. Toni and the “Toro Fam” recently traveled to Singapore to celebrate the birthday of her daughter Tyronia. It is possible that some of her followers … Read more

Customer Takes Selfie at Mirror w/ Words Written “Bawal mag-picture”


Customer Earns Reactions Online After Taking Selfie at Mirror w/ Words Written “Bawal mag-picture” A male customer elicits comments from netizens after taking a selfie in front of a mirror with words written “Bawal mag-picture”. Convenience stores are very popular in different countries all around the world including the Philippines. Some stores offer 24-7 service … Read more

Netizen Goes Viral Over National ID Photo: “Mukang may ari ng salon”

National ID

Netizen Earns Reactions Online Over National ID Photo: ‘FROM TITO TO TITA REAL QUICK!’ A male netizen goes viral online for comparing his national ID photo to his selfie photo “Mukang may ari ng salon”. The Philippine Identification System ID or also known as the Philippine Identification Card is the official national identity card for Filipino citizens … Read more

Dane Felisse Marasigan: Miss Philippines Earth 2012 Profile

Miss Earth Philippines Name Profile

Dane Felisse Marasigan, 21 years old from Ibaan, Batangas. She is a BS Entrepreneurship Student from De La Salle University. Dane Felisse was blessed for having a loving parents who worked so hard to get the life they’ve dreaming. She was very creative and active when she was a child. She loved to draw and … Read more

Jennifer Grace Alberto: Miss Philippines Earth 2012 Candidate Profile

Miss Earth Philippines Name Profile

Jennifer Grace Alberto, 22-year-old from Floridablanca, Pampanga. She is a Licensed Vocational Nursing from Antelope Valley Career Academy. When she was young and living in America, she would always see her parents and grandparents preparing balikbayan boxes to send back home to the Philippines for their family. Her parents came from difficult, humble conditions of … Read more