Read Liza Soberano Statement About ISP For Its Slow Connection, Service

LIZA SOBERANO – Young actress and vlogger Liza Soberano recently broke her silence on the internet fiasco.

On Sunday, September 6, Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano took to social media to express her frustration over the poor customer service and slow internet speed if her previous internet service provider (ISP). She revealed that they won’t even answer the call and called their behavior “unprofessional.”

Two days after she called out Converge on Twitter, she said PLDT went to their house and gave her a faster internet connection. She said her internet connection now gets speed up to 300mbps.

Photo Source: @lizasoberano IG

The development in Liza Soberano’s internet connection did not sit well with the rest of the major telecommunication company’s customers. They commented on the actress’ post saying PLDT needs to step up their game.

In a previous article, prominent actress Bela Padilla retweeted PLDT’s response to Liza’s post. In the caption, she asked if they could also fix her internet connection. Again, the netizens reacted to the fast action of the company to the actress.

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Photo Source: @lizasoberano IG

On Wednesday, September 9, Liza Soberano broke her silence on the internet fiasco. She released a statement about internet service provider (ISP) for its poor service and slow connection.

Photo Source: @lizasoberano IG

The 22-year-old actress said she doesn’t mean to offend anyone with her posts. She then asked ISP to be fair in providing service to everyone.

“I stumbled upon a few tweets from people who are upset and find my tweet about having fast internet offensive. I’m sorry your telecommunications provider isn’t taking care of your problems. In no way was it my intention to brag. I was just genuinely relieved to finally

“And to that employee of my ex internet provider who divulged personal information. Don’t try to turn this on me. My whole rant was about bad customer service. That’s pretty sketchy of you trying to make it look like it’s my fault why I have bad internet.

“I could go on and on, but bottomline treat your customers fairly, no matter who they are. Cause people work hard to pay for their internet and most of our work is done online now. Okay that’s all on this internet fiasco. Bye,” she wrote.

Liza Twitter
Photo Source: @lizasoberano Twitter

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