Bugoy Cariño is Allegedly Child Grooming Victim due to Affair w/ EJ Laure

Netizens called Bugoy Cariño a victim of child grooming

Young actor Bugoy Cariño confirmed that he already has a child with volleyball prayer EJ Laure and netizens called him a child grooming victim due to their relationship.

It was in 2018 when rumors about the “love child” circulated online. Bugoy was 15 back then while EJ was already 19. The young couple denied the speculations against them. However, as the former child star turned 18 years old just recently, they both shared photos and videos with their daughter names Scarlet.

bugoy carino ej laure
📷: @iambugoycarino03 IG

This revelation-slash-confirmation divided the online community. Some took the side of the young couple and showed support for their relationship. One the other hand, criticisms also surfaced, especially from those who are attacking EJ Laure for having a relationship with a then minor.

The volleyball player is also being accused of grooming Bugoy Cariño. This remarks came from the fact that the couple just admitted about their child on the same time that the young actor is now of legal age.

ej laure bugoy carino
📷: @ennajielaure IG

Some commented that what EJ did to Bugoy is “child grooming”. Based on the definition of US Legal, child grooming means “an act of deliberately establishing an emotional connection with a child to prepare the child for child abuse.”

The statement added that this scenario usually happens when an adult person “carry out $exu@l abuse and other child exploitation like trafficking of children, child pr0stituti0n or the production of child p0rn0gr@phy.

Some netizens also commented that other people should stop romanticizing this kind of action just because the couple is happy with their relationship. Here are some of the comments from netizens after they confirmed that they are now parents.

bugoy carino

FOLLOW-UP: Bugoy Fires Back To Bashers of Relationship w/ EJ Laure

As of press time, Bugoy Cariño and EJ Laure haven’t answered these allegations against them yet.

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