Lyn Ching Addresses Bashers of Her Name That Has A ‘Bad Meaning’

Here’s what Lyn Ching said about her name

Unang Hirit host Lyn Ching addressed the bashers of her name that actually has a negative meaning.

Lyn has been part of the Kapuso morning show for several years now. She is one of the popular hosts of the network and it is quite seldom for her, or not likely, to be involved in intrigues and controversies.

lyn ching
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However, there was one issue that the Unang Hirit host answered just recently through her social media post. Based on the article from Bandera, it is about the people who have negative feedback on her name.

Once and for all she addressed those people who have been asking if she is not ashamed of her name or if she really knows the meaning of it. “Lynching” is defined as “kill (someone), especially by hanging, for an alleged offense with or without a legal trial,” as what Oxford Languages stated.

Lyn Ching admitted that there had been people questioning her about her name and in some instance, she will received rude comments. “I’ve live with this name for 46 years and Yes. I know what it means,” the TV host said.

She also defended her parents who was clueless when they gave that name to her. “Did my parents understand when they named me that I would be associated with killing without trial for the rest of my life?” Lyn said.

The morning show host also stressed that no parents in their right minds would intentionally do that to their child.

“Just the same. Here we are. You don’t have to remind me what my name means. It does not define me. Does Yours?” Lyn Ching said.

Meanwhile, aside from hosting, Lyn also writes. She actually has her own blog site wherein she talks about food, travel, books, matters about family.

What can you say about this?

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