Andi Eigenmann Reveals Something About Pechay Photo w/ Philmar

Famous actress Andi Eigenmann has this clarification over circulating photos online.

ANDI EIGENMANN – Well-loved actress Andi Eigenmann has a clarification regarding pechay photo with partner Philmar Alipayo.

For any new couple, flowers is something common that a boy can give to a girl. But it’s a different case for actress Andi Eigenmann and her partner Philmar Alipayo. The surfer champ recalled that when they were just newly dating, instead of flashy flowers, he gave a bunch of “pechay” for her.

“Ato first pic! Remember I give you pichay instead of a flower. Mingaw nako sa imo mahal ko (Our first pic! Remember I gave you pechay instead of a flower. I miss you, my love),” said Philmar in an Instagram post on Wednesday.

And in the comment sections, Andi wrote that she’s been looking for this particular picture but Philmar just told her it got lost. She shared it on her Instagram story and indicated it as one of her favorite photos of them together.

In another post, meanwhile, Andi discovered that an impostor has been using her name and shared that this is not her using the account and clarified that she doesn’t have a Twitter account. She added that the real Andi knows that this is not their first photo together.

Andi Eigenmann

Philmar is a professional surfer based in Siargao and Andi was at an awarding ceremony while on vacation when she met Philmar. They have a daughter they named Lilo who was born on July 23, 2019. Andi also had a daughter, her first born Ellie, with Jake Ejercito.


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