VIDEO: Philmar Alipayo Shed Tears After Seeing Andi Eigenmann, Lilo

Philmar Alipayo Turns Emotional Upon Seeing Andi Eigenmann, Lilo

PHILMAR ALIPAYO – Filipino surfer Philmar Alipayo turned emotional after seeing Andi Eigenmann and daughter Lilo Alipayo.

The daughter of veteran actress Jaclyn Jose, Andi Eigenmann left the show business to live a simpler life in Siargao Island. She now considers herself an island girl.

The 30-year-old celebrity has a young daughter named Ellie with her ex-boyfriend Jake Ejercito. She also has a baby named Lilo with her current partner Philmar Alipayo.

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In her Youtube Channel, “Happy Island,” Andi Eigenmann shared glimpses of her island life. More and more netizens are looking forward to her videos. She currently has 1.32 million subscribers.

Andi is currently away from Siargao and Philmar. During her live stream, she said her birthday is coming up so she and Lilo traveled to Manila. In the meantime, her partner was left in Siargao.

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Later on, in the live stream, the surfer joined on the video chat. The couple expressed their longing for one another. The former actress surely can’t wait to come home to be with her partner and experience the gorgeous sights on the island.

After seeing Andi and Lilo, Philmar broke down in tears. Andi was shocked while saying, “Aww mahal, is crying? Mahal, it’s love! Don’t cry.” It can be seen in the video that the surfer was so overwhelmed with his emotions.

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The video of Philmar Alipayo is making netizens cry. Here are some of their comments from the video:  

@Teresa Porqueriño: “A guy who cries easily just seeing his love ones is a very soft hearted person… its just to show how much he loves andi and daughter lilo.”

@Caridad Decena: “You made me cry Philmar. I feel how you deeply missed Lilo and Andi.”

@Annzky10 Channel: “Philmar you’re so lovable person, you made me cry po, i felt what you’re feeling right now”

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